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Amazon has cancelled their affilliate program for Missouri affiliates, due to the Missouri Department of Revenue taking the position that equated to them selling within the state, thus exposing Missouri purchases to sales tax. So, this is now just a source of information about good books.

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The Right to Keep & Bear Arms:

"The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You've Heard About Gun Control Is Wrong". by John R. Lott. $19.57. Hardcover, March 2003. Followup to "More Guns, Less Crime" with hard stats, riveting anecdotes and media bias analysis.

"More Guns, Less Crime : Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws - Second Edition". by John R. Lott. $11.20. June 2000. (The most comprehensive and conclusive research to date on the specific topic of the effects of Concealed Carry laws on violent crime and firearms accidents.)

Klein's C.C.W. Handbook By Chuck Klein, edited by J. Stuart Newberry, Esq.. $6.95. The Requisite for Those Who Carry Concealed Weapons.

"Shall Issue: The New Wave of Concealed Handgun Permit Laws" By Clayton E. Cramer & David B. Kopel (Available free on-line)

"A Nation of Cowards" by Jeff Snyder. $10.47 from Sep. 2001. A collection of essays revolving around the issue of firearms in civic and personal life.

"Targeting Guns : Firearms and Their Control" by Gary Kleck. $24.95 from December 1997. (A substantial re-write and update of Kleck's award winning 1991 "Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America").

"The Great American Gun Debate : Essays on Firearms & Violence", by Gary Kleck, Don B., Jr. Kates, James R. Boen, John K. Lattimer. $5.56 from November 1997. (Don't let the price fool you - this is a great book. A bargain.)

"The Samurai, the Mountie, and the Cowboy : Should America Adopt the Gun Controls of Other Democracies?" by David B. Kopel. $22.37 at July 1992. (The most detailed and cogent discussion to date on comparing divergent western societies and their approaches to gun control.)

"Guns : Who Should Have Them?" by David B. Kopel (Editor). $18.87 from August 1995. (Another excellent resource)

"Stopping Power : Why 70 Million Americans Own Guns" by J. Neil Schulman. $16.07 from June 1994. (A powerful and useful reference)

"For the Defense of Themselves and the State : The Original Intent and Judicial Interpretation of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms " by Clayton E. Cramer. $55. July 1994.

"Armed and Considered Dangerous : A Survey of Felons and Their Firearms" by James D. Wright, Peter H. Rossi. $21.95 from August 1994. (Research on the specific behavior of dangerous felons, which shows how predatory criminals seek to avoid armed victims).

"Crime, Deterrence, and Right-to-Carry Concealed Handguns" by Lott/Mustard. University of Chicago Law School's Journal of Legal Studies (The study that served as the basis for "More Guns, Less Crime". Available free on-line)

GUNS AND PUBLIC HEALTH: EPIDEMIC OF VIOLENCE OR PANDEMIC OF PROPAGANDA? by Don B. Kates, Henry E. Schaffer, Ph.D., John K. Lattimer, M.D., George B. Murray, M.D., and Edwin H. Cassem, M.D. (Excellent. Free on-line)

"The Racist Roots of Gun Control" by Clayton E. Cramer. (An illuminating view of the dirty secret of gun control. Free On-Line)

"Guns in the Medical Literature -- A Failure of Peer Review" by Edgar A. Suter MD (Exposes the New England Journal of Medicine and other medical journals for sponsoring junk studies with pre-determined outcomes. Such as the 43-1 Kellerman study, which was virtually a fabrication. Free on-line)

"Guns- Crime- and Freedom" by Wayne R. Lapierre $16.07. 1994.

"Safe- Not Sorry - Keeping Yourself and Your Family Safe in Violent Age" by Tanya Metaksa. $16.10. 1997.

"Armed & Female" by Paxton Quigley $4.79 1994

"To Keep and Bear Arms - The Origins of an Anglo-American Right" by Joyce Lee Malcolm $35.50 1994

"A Right to Bear Arms" by Stephen P. Halbrook $49.95

"That Every Man Be Armed - The Evolution of a Constitutional Right" by Stephen P. Halbrook $17.95 1994

"That Every Man Be Armed" (Audio Cassettes) by Stephen P. Halbrook $49.95

"No More Wacos - What's Wrong With Federal Law Enforcement and How to Fix It" by David B. Kopel, Paul H. Blackman, $18.87. 1997

The Closed American Mind: From the Hip, by Daniel Polsby - Free OnLine

The Commonplace Second Amendment by Prof. Eugene Volokh, UCLA Law School - Free OnLine

The Amazing Vanishing Second Amendment by Prof. Eugene Volokh, UCLA Law School - Free OnLine

Second Amendment Library - Introductory Essays - Free OnLine

Second Amendment Library - Published Scholarship from Legal and Criminology Journals - Free OnLine

Second Amendment Library - Articles from various forums - Free OnLine

Second Amendment Library - Other materials and topics - Free OnLine


FIGHTING BACK: Crime, Self-Defense, and the Right to Carry a Handgun by Jeffrey R. Snyder - The Cato Institute - Free OnLine

Guns, Shooting, Technical, Etc.

"The Concealed Handgun Manual : How to Choose, Carry, and Shoot a Gun in Self Defense" by Chris Bird, Ted Bonnet, $14.36. 1998

"The Practical Pistol Manual : How to Use a Handgun for Self-Defense" by Bill Clede, $6.36. 1997

Weatherby : The Man. the Gun. the Legend by Gits Gresham and Tom Gresham 1992, Price: $24.95

The Art of the Rifle by Jeff Cooper 1997 Price: $20.97

Principles of Personal Defense by Jeff Cooper 1989 $8.00

Competitive Shooting A.A. Yur'yev 1985 $34.95

Ayoob Files : The Book Massad F. Ayoob 1995 $14.95 (Special Order)

Fundamentals of Modern Police Impact Weapons Massad Ayoob 1996 $15.95 (Special Order)

Gun Proof Your Children!/Massad Ayoob's Handgun Primer/2 Books in 1 Volume Massad Ayoob 1985 $4.95 + $2.35 special surcharge (Special Order)

Hit the White Part Massad F. Ayoob 1986 $9.95 + $0.85 special surcharge (Special Order)

Semi-Automatic Pistol in Police Service and Self Defense Massad F. Ayoob 1987 $9.95 + $0.85 special surcharge (Special Order)

Stressfire (Gunfighting for Police) Vol 1 Massad F. Ayoob 1986 $9.95 + $0.85 special surcharge (Special Order)

The Truth About Self Protection Massad F. Ayoob 1983 $7.99 + $1.35 special surcharge (Special Order)

Fiction, Fun, Other, Etc.

" Unintended Consequences " by John Ross, $20.27. 1996. Controversial, riveting, absolutely unique.

" In the Arena : An Autobiography " by Charlton Heston $13.60. 1997.

To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth by Jeff Cooper 1998 $20.80

Government misbehavior.

"Waco-Rules of Engagement (Video) " $25.49. 1997. If you haven't seen this, you do not know the true story of Waco. This academy-award nominated documentary uses film and materials gained through the Freedom of Information act to expose disturbing and never fully investigated aspects of what appears to be a mass murder.

" The Ashes of Waco : An Investigation " Dick J. Reavis. 1998 $19.95

" Ambush at Ruby Ridge : How Government Agents Set Randy Weaver Up and Took His Family Down " by Alan W. Bock $22.00

" The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge : In Our Own Words Vol 1 " by Randy Weaver(Photographer), et al 1998 $16.95 (Special Order, 4-6 weeks)

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