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General Hunting Organizations:

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National Gun-owners rights organizations:

Local Missouri and Illinois Gun-owners rights organizations:

Other Excellent Firearms Related Resources:

  Environmental Organizations:

Environmental Organizations Hunters or Anglers Can Safely Support:

Other prominent national environmental organizations have official statements of neutrality on hunting, but their actions indicate a strong anti-hunting bias. Examples include Sierra Club, Audubon Society, Wilderness Society, and the League of Conservation Voters. This applies to the national organizations - often these groups are made up of relatively independent state or local chapters, some of which may be truly neutral or sometimes actually pro-hunting.

* NWF was pretty much founded by hunters and anglers. Over the years they have become more and more silent about their support for those who hunt or fish, though they almost never took a position against us. However, recent literature from the NWF regarding prarie dogs has a decided anti-hunting flavor. I will be watching them closely.

**Though the TNC national organization has no detectable anti-hunting bias, and some local chapters are very hunting-friendly, there are some local chapters that are reported to have a significant anti-hunting bias. Though these are not representative of the TNC organization at large, sportsmen should first educate themselves about their local chapter before offering support to that local chapter.


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